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Break the Mental Health Stigma Amongst First Responders

Join the Dialogue--We are Sharing Stories, Experiences, Resources and More, with the goal of removing the stigma of mental health for first responders.

We at Both Sides of The Stretcher are commited to education and prevention. We're not just about saving lives, but about changing the culture.

July 8, 2022
4:29am Eastern Time

As a First Responder

You deal with more-than-the-average amount of stress and trauma on a daily basis. Your desire to help others is to be comended but all too often we wait too long to help ourselves.

As a Psych Patient

Whether it's your own history of trauma or stress from the job, it's absolutely NORMAL for you to have a hard time dealing with the overwhelming feelings you experience.

Annix Wilson

Firefighter, Paramedic, EMT, Mental Health Advocate & Consumer, Trauma Survivor, Writer, & Photographer.

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